The results are in...

That’s it first Para Nordic World Cup of the 2018/19 season done and surprisingly it went pretty well considering going into it I felt like I was miles behind in my preparation and training due to a stop/start summer block.


The Competition ran between 12th-19th Dec and consisted of 3 Cross country (CC)events (7.5k,5k and the 800m sprint) and 3 Biathlon events (12.5k,7.5k individual and 7.5k Classification start). My best result in the CC races was 17th in the 5k with 18th in the 7.5k and 22nd in the 800m which I am very happy with as I was only 18 seconds off the winner and 10 seconds off a top 10 and making the finals a big improvement from last year.  In the Biathlon I finished 11th in the 12.5k 14th in the 7.5k individual and 13th in the class start which again are good results as shooting practice has been very limited this summer - it’s something the team as a whole need to work on if we are going to be up with top dogs in these events.

The Team as a whole also performed really well. Scott kept up his great results from the Paralympic Games and is always mixing it up in and around the top 10 in all events. The new members of the team are holding their own against the rest of the world so Scott and I need to keep a look out as they are learning quickly. This can only be good for everyone as it will push us all to get better, get Great Britain up the ranks and start fighting for medals in the seasons to come.

Up next is a short trip home for Christmas before we head off to Sweden for Round two of the season this will also be selection for the World Champs in February which is in Canada. So for me no eating too much Christmas pudding is a priority because the goal is to be fully fit for Sweden and make that team that will heading out to Canada to represent GB.