Let the games begin


The time has finally arrived. It seems ages ago that everyone was at bath uni for team trials hoping to be selected for the Invictus Games. Over the past few days the advance party and myself have been doing all the last bits of admin to make the team's arrival run smoothly as possible and I'm happy to say it ran like clock work, thanks to the incredible team behind the team.

The UK team landed at Toronto airport last night with 3 tonnes of sports equipment which was whisked away to all the venues. Personal baggage was brought to the hotel and outside everyone's hotel room door, as if like magic. Well within 30mins of arriving which was pretty good as there was over 200 bags.

Today is the first day of training so for all 17 nations, after a short bus trip to High Park which is the cycling venue in the west of Toronto, we started building our bikes and heading out around the course to make sure everything was work and to familiarise ourselves with every bend, bump and corner.

This evening the team has a welcome event in the hotel then early to bed as the jet lag is finally kicking in for many of the guys.

Tomorrow is the official opening of the games which will be held at the Air Canada Centre. All nations will proudly march behind there flag and I can imagine it will be very emotional for many as it proves that with some hard work and a little help people can achieve great things when they put there mind to it.

I'm extremely honoured to be Vice Captain this year and cannot wait to see every member of this team giving it 100% and achieve there gold medal whatever that gold medal may be. I know some people have already surpassed there gold medal by just being here and ready to compete.