Testing, testing

So after a tough three weeks of training it was that time again to head up to Sterling for lab and Strength testing at the Scottish Institute of Sport. The lab testing looks at our vo2 max and also our lactate freehold, there are various tests we can do but this week’s were a set test - 3mins work, 1min Recovery, taking blood every 3mins until lactate hits 4 mils a 1km max effort test followed by 3 x 6 second effort. Sounds complicated but this is looking at power (wattage) and the final test is a 3km effort.

All tests are carried out on a ski erg. I’m happy to say all results were an improvement on 8 weeks ago when I was last tested so all is moving in the right direction.


We also had physio and nutrition catch ups to make sure the body and the engine are being looked after, again all was good there.

Finally, the last testing we had was the dreaded Strength, the stuff I hate - to me it’s boring weights stuff. I know it’s an important part of the training and I do put as much effort into it as the Sking but I know I’m never going to enjoy it.

The tests we had were bench press one rep (lift) max, followed by 50% of one rep max. Essentially all you do is max reps until you can’t lift anymore. Next was the same but bench pull followed by max pull ups and max dips.

To my surprise all were a big improvement. I say that because I’ve lost weight over the past 8 week so I thought it might have effected my strength slightly.

Next week we head off Norway to get on real snow for the first time this season with only a month to go before our first World Cup race in Canada. The week will be a good marker to see if the summer training has worked as we get closer to the Winter Paralympic Games plus start putting in the race pace efforts.